Elevator Maintenance and Repair

When You Want a Superior Level of Customer Service for All Your Elevator Maintenance and Repairs, Then the Clear Choice Is Cleary Elevator.

Are you experiencing long elevator shutdowns and constantly waiting on the right parts to be found? Are your service request phone calls, emails, and text messages going unanswered? Is it difficult to get a straight answer on what’s wrong with your elevator, what needs to be done, and when it will be fixed? These are just some of the signs that it might be time to switch to a local, family-owned elevator company like Cleary to service your elevators.

Our team takes great pride in providing efficient and high-quality maintenance and repairs at a good value. In addition, we strive to offer our clients the best customer service experience in the industry, which includes the following advantages:

  • A variety of service plan options that can be tailored to meet each client’s specific elevator requirements, based on the unique condition of their equipment, the manufacturer’s specifications, the passenger and freight demands, and more.
  • A local dispatcher and service technicians who get to know each client and their building and elevator system, so they can provide prompt and dependable service and anticipate and correct problems before they happen.
  • A service fleet and warehouse stocked with the critical elevator parts required to fulfill our clients’ current and potential repair requirements.

When your elevator is out of service, we know it is extremely important to you to minimize the disruption to your tenants’ businesses and lives. With Cleary as your elevator maintenance and repair partner, you can have peace of mind that you will get quick responses to your questions and requests, swift attention to your elevator issues, and well-thought-out recommendations and solutions.

Experiencing Elevator Issues?

If it is an emergency, please call us at (617) 481-1234 for assistance. We are available 24/7 to handle shutoffs, entrapments, and other similarly urgent situations. For routine repair or maintenance issues, you can notify us by email.

We Prioritize the Protection of Your Investment While Emphasizing Elevator Uptime, thus Minimizing Disruptions to Businesses, Tenants, and Daily Routines.

Our team of committed technicians conducts regular and thorough inspections of your elevators. During these visits, they identify potential failure points and make note of parts that may require replacement in the near future. Through proactive measures, we ensure optimal performance of your elevators, reducing unforeseen downtimes and inconveniences.

Experiencing Elevator Issues?

If it is an emergency, please call us at (617) 481-1234 for assistance. We are available 24/7 to handle shutoffs, entrapments, and other similarly urgent situations. For routine repair or maintenance issues, you can notify us by phone or email.

Cleary Elevator Maintenance & Repair

At Cleary, we believe the secret to our longstanding client relationships is our commitment to clear communication. Before you sign off on any maintenance and repair program with us, we make sure you understand every aspect of your customized service plan, as well as how much it will all cost. While each service relationship is unique and thoughtfully tailored to the client’s specific elevator and budget, you can typically expect us to take the following approach:

State Inspection and Code Compliance

We offer a comprehensive service that takes care of the entire process for you. From timely permit filings that avoid costly late fees to scheduled inspections and follow-ups on any identified issues, we ensure your elevators remain compliant and operational.

Customized Service Plans

We have several service plan options, with varying levels of support and pricing, so you can select the right contract for your unique elevator situation and budget. If you’re not sure which plan is the best fit, we offer a no-obligation analysis of your elevator service needs.

Initial Evaluation and Recommendations

We provide a no-obligation, comprehensive analysis of your elevator’s equipment and its condition. Then, we share a list of what we find wrong with your elevator and the maintenance and/or repairs needed.

24/7 Support

Prompt assistance is a crucial component of our service, so our live call center operates around the clock, ready to address any emergency or arrange a visit during regular business hours.

Transparency & Communication

We give you a complete report of all maintenance procedures we perform, along with recommendations for performance improvements.

Long-Term Planning

We are always looking ahead, three to five years down the line, and helping you budget for what you may need to do to extend your elevator’s life.

Additional Elevator Services

Cleary offers a range of elevator solutions to match your specific vision, time frame, requirements, and budget.


Raise up your elevator’s standards, safety, reliability, and appearance with a modernization project by the Cleary Elevator team.

Service Contracts

Explore our different service contract options, which can all be customized to meet the demands your specific elevator system faces.

Design and Installation

Create the custom commercial elevator or LU/LA lift look you’re envisioning by working with the experienced team at Cleary.

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